The Shah's Earl Grey

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The 1970s were the final years of the Shah of Persia. They were indulgent and controversial and defined by glamorous excess. 

Endless spoils of oil wealth infamously dripped from the Westernised elite. The Shah’s Earl Grey introduces delicate saffron and lime to create an elevated, decadent version of the iconic English blend.

This is an ode to Iranians in England who balance twin identities and palates, a meeting of East and West. It emulates the past but retains a distinct individuality.

: Loose Tea

Caffeinated: Yes
Notes: Citrus, rich and bittersweet 

Grams/oz: 75g
Ingredients: Sri Lankan Black Tea, Chinese Mao Feng Black Tea, Lime Peel, Fermented Lemon Peel, Safflower, Saffron, Natural Bergamot Flavouring